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Benoit Family Maple Barn was established in 2020 by Jacob & Kaitlin Benoit and our three young children Clara, Grace & Colt Benoit. We have close to 800 maple taps on our 20-acre property in Richford, Vermont. The sap is cooked the old fashion way on our wood-fired evaporator. This gives it the ultimate maple flavor. 

The Story of Benoit Family Maple Barn

Benoit Family Maple Barn is a small family-run business. We started tapping our 800 maple trees on our 20 acre property in 2020. It is a true family affair with three young kids. Our sap is boiled on a wood-fired evaporator just like in the olden days, giving it the ultimate maple flavor.  With three young kids and jobs outside of the home please be patient with shipping times and us trying to navigate/learn this new world of starting a website. We are so excited to start shipping maple syrup and allow people to taste this maple goodness! We hope to possibly add more products and grades of syrup in the future! 


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423 Golf Course Road, Richford, VT, USA

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