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About Us

Young family of five making syrup and raising kids 

It is important to us to make a high-quality product that not only our family can enjoy but also our customers. 

Kaitlin's Story 

Kaitlin's Story - My name is Kaitlin Benoit and I am 32 years old with three children Clara 8, Grace 7, and Colt 3. I have been married to Jake Benoit for almost 13 years. Yes, I got married at 18. I have loved agriculture from a young age. My Grandma would pick me up almost every Friday night and I would spend weekends on their dairy farm. Weekends were filled with milking cows, and feeding claves, and summers were filled with 4-H and showing dairy cows. My Mom and Dad were supportive of my love for agriculture and helping with all the animals I dragged home over the years. They also modeled hard work and determination. After high school, I attended Virginia Technical College as a dairy science major for one semester. I realized that although I met some great people I wanted to be back home in Vermont. I then came back to Vermont and attended the 2+2 program which consisted of two years at Vermont Technical College earning an associate degree in Dairy Farm Management and two years at the University of Vermont earning a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. From there I went back to work on my grandparent's dairy farm, had a farm stand filled with veggies/sweet corn, and also taught a year of agriculture at the local high school career center. Life changes, kids were born along the way and I decided I wanted to go back to school to be a registered nurse. I still loved agriculture and longed to have a mixture of both in my life. A few months after graduating nursing school we made the jump to set up our 800 maple taps on our property. Pregnant with our third baby I decided to transition from full-time nursing to per diem to have more time to be home with the kids, garden, help Jake with his plumbing business and help out with maple sugaring in the spring. My path was anything but linear but every experience good or bad shaped who I am today. My goal is to hopefully increase our maple retail sales, continue to grow the business at our self-serve farmstand, and add a greenhouse to extend and expand our garden growing season. 

Jake's Story 

Jakes's Story - A little bit about my husband Jake from my perspective because he will probably kill me for writing and publishing this. He is 31 years old and married to his high school sweetheart. He has three kids Clara, Grace, and Colt. He was born and raised in Richford, Vermont, and has deep routed ties to sugar making, logging, and agricultural business. As a young kid, he spent time riding in the hay truck with his Grandpa and Uncle. As he was growing up he worked in logging, maple sugaring making and worked for the local agricultural store.  After moving to Virginia with me for a short time, he started working back in VT as a delivery driver for a plumbing company, which then led to him working for a local plumbing company. Jake attended four years of night school for plumbing through VTC and became a journeyman plumber. A year later he took his master's test becoming a master plumber and has since taken extra courses adding propane and natural gas certifications. He started working for himself as a plumber in 2018. He is one of the most hardworking and caring people I know. He loves maple sugaring in the spring and my dreams of selling this sweet goodness to customers wouldn't have come true without him. It is not always easy running our small businesses but we do it together and we care about our customers and the community we live in. I am pretty sure if Jake had a dream job he would say being a full-time white-tail deer hunter but for now, he will have to settle with plumbing and maple sugar making. 

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